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Ok, now your a member of some PTC/GPT/TE sites. So what ya gonna do with them?

Remember I told you to organize yourself, this will save you lots of time.

I also recommend using Mazilla Firefox or Crazy Browser, you can easily have many windows open at the same time.

Now open your browser and log into a few of your PTC/PTR sites. I surf about 8-10 at one time but this is up to you.Then start clicking your pay to click links and banners. Once your done with a site close it and log into another. Make time to do this everyday, you will need to wait 24 hours between your clicks on each site.( TE sites excluded) Most will only let you click links once a day.  As soon as you reach the minimum payout send in your request to be paid. Make sure you entered your ID for PayPal, AlertPay or whatever your using. Now you can use some of your earnings to upgrade in your favorite sites. You will earn more by upgrading. You will also now have ad credits that you can use to promote your Favorite Sites. Building a good downline will earn you even more.

If your happy with your earnings than just continue to do this everyday. If your looking to make some more mouse money than continue to read on!

Create Your Own Free Website

Creating your own website is easy and can be very profitable. I created this site completely for free with FreeWebs and you can too. Feel free to copy and past all the info on this site to make it easy for you. Just make sure to use your own referral links. Before you publish your website make sure all your links are working correctly. Now your ready to start advertising to get others to join your sites. Your will now also be earning from all your referrals clicks. Just think of how much you can earn if everyone who joined follows this plan and is clicking everyday. With just some effort you too will soon be earning well!

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